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  ...if you make money with your CMC it is good to know that you can keep it running if it no longer has a warranty, if you purchased it used, or even if it has been discontinued.
Now that is peace of mind!



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Technical Support for your CMC.

Phone: 801.405.6300  |  Fax: 801.406.7600

No matter what brand it is, where you purchased it, when you purchased it, or where it is installed now, we will support and service your computerized mat cutter.


Attention Fletcher-Terry F6100 owners...

Beginning February 2010, The CMC Doctor is providing technical support and service to all Fletcher-Terry F6100 owners. The CMC Doctor offers several combinations of telephone tech support, on-site service visit, and extended warranty service plans as well as CMC blades, supplies, repair parts, and used CMC equipment. On-site service visits include all travel expenses for Customers located in the U.S. Customers located outside of the U.S. should call for details. The CMC Doctor services and supports all makes and models of CMC equipment. The CMC Doctor is an autonomous computerized mat cutter service and support company. Please visit the Service & Support page to see what we have to offer.

The CMC Doctor saved me...

The guys over at The CMC Doctor are great! Every time I call them with, what I think is a huge problem, they know just what to do to get me back up and running. Here is a good example: a couple of weeks ago I called because my mat cutter was down, my computer had crashed and I could not cut ANYTHING! Of course, it was one of the busiest times at my shop. I called and talked to them (not some computer, or push 1 for English - to a person). Anyway, they walked me through all of the steps that I needed to do to get my CMC cutting again. He talked to me about what I would most likely benefit from in the future also. I had no idea that my CMC could be updated with a new computer! I thought that I would have to buy another machine sometime soon.

To make a long story short, The CMC Doctor saved me at a very busy time. I could not have made it through my busy season with out their help.

Charlotte Rhoden - Photography By Joyce - Granger, Indiana

We bought our computerized mat cutter in 1998

We are Glenn & Karen of The Gallery - Fine Art & Framing Gallery, Marietta, OH. We have had our CMC for several years and when we need support there has been one name that we always call... Mark Eaton.

Mark is an experienced CMC Engineer.

I bought my computerized mat cutter in 1998

My cmc was purchased in 1998, but shortly thereafter it was discontinued. It became extremely frustrating as the tech support, software upgrades, and parts for an obsolete cmc became unavailable. Then I found The CMC Doctors. Not only did they upgrade my machine to the newer windows OS, they serviced it so that it is working even better than when it was new. Here I am holding the fallouts for a very complex design that I would never have been able to produce had it not been for The CMC Doctor! Thanks guys!
Frames and Framers

P.S. If you would like to see the doily mat with its artwork click here. Its a very complex beaded and embroidered antique Chinese dress collar worn at special occasions. It is quite spectacular as you can see. This customer now has the confidence in my shop that we can do these complicated designs and will definitely be back with more. With all the competition out there for independent frames shops like mine, this is more important than ever!

The CMC Doctor can help keep your equipment running in top shape!

The CMC Doctor has no afilliation with the Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) listed on this web site. If you prefer OEM parts please contact your local distributor and/or the OEM directly.